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KIDS ARE 1ST is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children
and educating families through Community Safety Day events with a special focus on our child ID events which take a photo of the child and their fingerprints along with our car seat safety checks.

Our mission is to create an awareness of how to keep children safe. One child goes missing every 40 seconds according to FBI statistics.
Vehicle crashes are the number one killer of children. An estimated 451 lives were saved in 2004 because of proper child restraint use.

Kids Are 1st creates Community Safety Day events at various locations in California & Illinois. The main focus of each event will be our Child ID program and car seat safety checks. The ID program will fingerprint and photograph each child by our trained technicians. The information and photograph will be contained in our "child friendly" ID kit which the parents or caregivers keep. In the unfortunate event that a child is taken or lost, the kit provides weight, height and other crucial information that authorities need to help locate the missing child. The sponsors name and logo is prominently displayed on the cover of the ID kit. We have found that this kit is retained and saved by parents and caregivers as the childs information is updated over the years.

In addition, Kids Are 1st trained technicians will inspect each car seat of those who visit the Community Safety Day Event. They will correct any installation mistakes while teaching parents and caregivers how to effectively restrain their child. They will make sure that the parents and caregivers know how to install and restrain the child correctly before leaving the event.

The use of the child ID kit has been instrumental in finding lost or abducted children who were missing for many years. The use of correctly installed and restrained car seats in motor vehicles including automobiles, planes, and boats has saved countless children’s lives and prevented serious injuries when involved in crashes.

Kids Are 1st community outreach safety days create events that families can enjoy and participate in together. Kids Are 1st is working with sponsors who would want to participate in events at the centers to create a traffic building fun and safety oriented day.